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The 41st China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair
Publish:KIMKOO Mattress Machinery & Equipment  Time:2017-12-22  Views:944

The 41st China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair

The 41st China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair (Civil Furniture Fair) will be grandly opened on March 18-21, 2018 at the Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (Guangzhou Pazhou Complex) to build an overall platform for export trade in the furniture industry Furniture industry take off again. We sincerely invite your participation.

International Furniture Fair

Our company exhibited some of the most representative products: pocket spring machine, automatic pocket spring assembly machine, mattress tape edge machine, mattress roll packing machine, mattress compression machine. It has attracted many customers to visit.

pocket spring machine

Civilian Furniture Fair this session will focus on: modern furniture, smart furniture, custom furniture, classical furniture, the four core themes, display, release the latest products and information.

Modern exhibition area will be divided into three major display areas: panel, solid wood, metal furniture exhibition; software, sofa exhibition area; overseas exhibition area; continue to interpret new fashion and high-grade home style, leading the trend of modern furniture. Classical exhibition area will be through the European classical, American classical, neoclassical three professional exhibits partition, a more systematic display of different styles of classical fashion furniture.

The same period of the show will be hand in hand with China Guangzhou International Home Furnishing & Accessories Fair, China (Guangzhou) International Home Textile and Excipients Exposition, China Guangzhou International Outdoor and Leisure Exhibition, China Guangzhou International Ceramics Exhibition and other "big home" professional exhibition , To build "Achievement of everyone, Have everything that one expects to find" of the integration of trade, exhibition and exchange center!

6 major themes, dazzling, covering the household industry in the use of modern furniture, civilian classical furniture, outdoor and leisure products, home accessories, home textiles and ceramics and other products.

4 large-scale use of large-scale exhibition hall China Import and Export Fair Hall A, B, C large exhibition hall, plus Poly World Trade Exhibition Center, the exhibition area of ​​600,000 square meters.

If you are the following product manufacturers, traders, welcome to attend the Exhibition.

  • ① modern furniture, whole house custom furniture, intelligent furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, software / sofa, hotel furniture, rattan furniture, dining furniture, children‘s furniture, office furniture, outdoor / leisure furniture, educational furniture, kitchen furniture, Metal furniture, other furniture, various cabinets.
  • ② Classical furniture, European furniture, American furniture, new-classical furniture, classical furniture, Chinese mahogany furniture, other furniture accessories;
  • ③ Raw and auxiliary materials, hardware accessories, veneer, stickers, leather, sponges, paints, adhesives, plates products ect.
  • ④ Furniture accessories, furniture hardware, hotel accessories, business furniture, home accessories, lighting, painting ect.
Guangzhou International Furniture Fair

Guangzhou Furniture Fair is the furniture industry‘s largest and most effective professional exhibition. Many companies are using this platform to grow and develop. If your company‘s products have certain advantages and competitiveness,I believe this will be your opportunity to increase orders, make your company stronger, going to the world an ideal platform!

March 2018 will create greater glories, let us meet Guangzhou Furniture Fair, share success! The 41st China Guangzhou International Furniture Fair

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