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High Speed Automatic Pocket Spring Machine
Publish:KIMKOO Mattress Machinery & Equipment  Time:2018-06-19  Views:575

High Speed Automatic Pocket Spring Machine

Following the devlopment of the industrial and the demand/market increasing, our company has developed automatic pocket spring machine. Automatic CNC operation, Advanced servo control technology and pre-heat treatment technology for steel wire. using back-sealed ultrasonic sealing. Thinner nonwovens can also be used when producing thicker springs.The cuting length can be adjustable.The machine will stop if there is no fabric. As a result, the intelligence of the machine is improved, the production cost of the product is lower, the waste is less, and the structure is firmer.The parameter setting of the spring is convenient, the height of the spring is adjusted to a wide range, and the product quality is very stable. It is an ideal equipment for the independent bagged bed net and sofa seat bag.
pocket spring machine


  • 1.can produce straight spring and drum-type spring
  • 2.Non-woven docking function.
  • 3.with micro-computer. self-developed control system,ultrasonic welding, low noise, no pollotion, the best choice for the production of pocket spring.
  • 4: Each station protection has a detection alarm device, the failure is clear at a glance, and the processing is convenient.
  • 5: Full servo precision control greatly reduces the amount of gas used and the maintenance rate of pneumatic components. The operation is more stable.
  • 6: The program is more human, more secure and stable, and the operation is more convenient and reliable.
  • 7: equipped with two winding heads, can realize two kinds of different thickness wire or two kinds of soft and hard different springs, Arbitrary partition.
pocket spring making machine

KIMKOO Mattress Machinery & Equipment is a specialized in pocket sping machine and various kinds mattress machinery. Including the mattress tape edge machine, pocket spring machine, pocket spring assembly machine and mattress roll packing machine.with more than 10 years of experience and sales in more than 100 countries worldwide.
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Tel: +86-755-21077364
ShenZhen Office: Jinying new village, Dalang street,LongHua district,Shenzhen City, GuangDong China
Factory : Xisha industrial park, Longjiang town, Shunde district, Foshan city, GuangDong, China