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How to improve the work efficiency of the mattress factory ?
Publish:KIMKOO Mattress Machinery & Equipment  Time:2018-07-06  Views:573

How to Improve The Work Efficiency of The Mattress Factory ?

Quality and service are the life of one factory.And actually effective is as important as the quality and service? For one factory,the more effectiv your worker is,the more profit you get.

But how to improve the work efficiency of the mattress factory? I think there is only one way to improve it.That is to use the mattress packing machines to help you.So let‘s make a inftroduction of mattress packing machines to you as below:

1.Automatic mattress film packing machine (Normal packing/film packing)

The effective: 45s/pcs

Note:Normal packing,can be connected to the mattress production line,only need two workers to operate.

mattress film packing machine

2.Mattress compression and roll packing machine (Mattress packing line)

The effective: 1Min/pcs

Note:Rolled mattress,popular packing way,mattress in a box.

By using such machines,your effective will be more higher than befor and you will get more profit.

mattress compression roll packing machine

Kimkoo mattress machinery is a professional mattress machines manufacture since 2008.We can provide customers the mattress packing solutions.

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Tel: +86-755-21077364
ShenZhen Office: Jinying new village, Dalang street,LongHua district,Shenzhen City, GuangDong China
Factory : Xisha industrial park, Longjiang town, Shunde district, Foshan city, GuangDong, China