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Most Popular Pillow Roll Packing Machine
Publish:KIMKOO Mattress Machinery & Equipment  Time:2018-09-07  Views:744

Most Popular Pillow Roll Packing Machine

Most of us aren’t familiar with pillow roll packing machine, mainly because they are new in the market and have launched a short time ago. let’s give you an overview.

The pillow roll packing machine is mainly used for pillows, cushions and soft cotton comforters automatically roll package. This pillow machine is highly automated, controlled by PLC with high precision touch screen.

This machine works with highly automation which replace the traditional manual roll packing technics, that makes the package more beautiful and higher productive. The most important thing is that this pillow machine can help you save the high labor costs and transportation cost.

pillow roll packing machine

Advantages of roll packing pillow through this machine

  • 1.Roll packing can make the pillow size more smaller. It can help you save the high labor costs. After Pillow through machine rolling, it will be wrapped in a PE bag, and then it can be placed directly into a small and beautiful outer packaging bag.
  • 2.Pillow rolling through this machine will not be deformed. Because the pillow can rebound,Of course you have to be following
  • kind of pillow. Such as Memory foam pillow, latex pillow, chemical fiber pillow, feather pillow and more.
  • 3.More and more pillow sellers in the market use this type of pillow way.  According to market research, 70% of pillow companies in China use this type of packaging.  Among them are xiaomi, IKEA, DeRUCCI.

Very simple operation of Pillow rolling machine

  • 1. Make sure the machine is powered.
  • 2. Put the pillow directly into the machine for roll packing.
  • 3. Use a PE bag to wrapped pillow at the pillow exit of the machine.

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Tel: +86-755-21077364
ShenZhen Office: Jinying new village, Dalang street,LongHua district,Shenzhen City, GuangDong China
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