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Pillow in Box Project
Publish:KIMKOO Mattress Machinery & Equipment  Time:2018-08-22  Views:892

Pillow in Box Project

In mattresses industrial, you might know there is a new project named "mattress in box". It is a new mattresses packing way. Unlike we packed the mattress before(packed by film or paper craft) it is rolled mattress in a box to save the transportation cost.It seems interesting, right? But do you know, this packing way is also suitable for the pillow? We named it "pillow in box" project.

When most of people hear this project, they might have some questions for it.For example, some people might ask:In this project, What kind of pillow can be packed like this? Well, Let us tell you.

pillow roll packing machine

What kind of pillow can be rolled pack ?

Roll packing is new packing way.It‘s not only save the space of the product but also save your transportation cost. As it‘s rolled pack,the pillow must be resilient, or it will be broken.So the foam pillow, memory foam pillow and latex foam pillow are suitable for roll packing. And as we tested, some other resilient pillows like fiber filled pillow also good for rolling.

It‘s rolling to pack.So you might ask How can I wrap it up? Actually,it‘s not a question.Like the mattress in box project,we have the mattress roll packing machine or the automatic mattress roll packing line. So there is also the pillow roll packing machine.But you guys must wanna know how it works.Don‘t worry,you will get the answers by reading below.

How does pillow rolling machine works?

Well, in the pillow rolling machine, there is a rolling device which is for rolling your pillow. So when the worker puts the pillows to the conveyor,the conveyor will take the pillow to the rolling device.After a second, the pillow will become a rolled pillow. Then you can put it into the box and ship or sale. It‘s very simple.

That‘s the pillow in box project works. It‘s interested and helpful.
pillow roll packing machine

Note:If need more details about the pillow in box project, please feel free to contact us. We are KIMKOO Mattress Machines Equipment Co.,Ltd. KIMKOO Will offer you more about the pillow packing solutions.

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