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What‘s the Differents Between Tow Types of Mattress Tape Edge Machine
Publish:KIMKOO Mattress Machinery & Equipment  Time:2018-07-12  Views:475

What‘s the Differents Between Tow Types of Mattress Tape Edge Machine

With the advancement of the times and the development. There are two types of mattress tape edge machines come into sight. Have you heard the word mattress tape edge machine? What are the two types? what is the difference between these two machines? At the beginning we all came into contact with the semi-automatic mattress tape edge machine, With the continuous improvement and research, people have invented automatic mattress tape edge machine.

What‘s the differents between semi-automatic mattress tape edge machine and automatic mattress tape edge machine?

Semi-automatic mattress tape edge machine

  • 1.When you sewing mattress must be follow the machine head. Need to manually flip the mattress. The semi-automatic mattress tape edge machine can not connected to the production line.Also the semi-automatic will be more cheaper.
  • 2.semi-automatic Mattress edge tape machine is mainly used for making the spring mattress, fabric and side surrounding edge material between the seam. Easy operate and easy install.Using this mattress edge tape machine only need one worker. The machine working table can be adjustable between 0-260mm according to your require.It’s flexible.
automatic mattress tape edge machine

Automatic mattress tape edge machine

  • 1.When sewing the mattress you need not to follow the machine head. automatic machine can be following the mattress and sewing. Mechanical flip mattress does not require manual. Efficiency is also different, The automatic mattress tape edge machine can be connected to the production line. Also the automatic will be more expensive.
  • 2.Using PLC program control and artificial intelligence operation, the mattress can automatically walk in the sewing process, automatically turn the corner, automatically flip, and improve the sewing speed. The machine head can automatically lift, automatically decelerate, and automatically recover at the corner of the sewing mattress, which improves the sewing quality and solves the problem of the inner corner of the four-corner seam. The sewing of the mattress requires only one person to operate, which improves work efficiency and reduces labor intensity. It is an ideal equipment for high-end mattress manufacturing and assembly line production.
semi automatic mattress tape edge machine
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Tel: +86-755-21077364
ShenZhen Office: Jinying new village, Dalang street,LongHua district,Shenzhen City, GuangDong China
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