JK-AS1 Semi Auto Pocket Spring Assembly Machine

  • Model No: JK-AS1
  • Application: Mattress, Sofa, Cushion
  • Brand Name: KIMKOO
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Certificates: ISO9001 / CE
  • Minimum Order: 1 Set
  • Price Term: FOB, C&F, CIF
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,D/A,D/P
  • Packaging Details: Film Packing/ Wooden case
  • Delivery: 20-30 Days

  • Product Details

Semi Auto Pocket Spring Assembly Machine

Firstly, after the springs are produced by the pocket spring machine and cut springs. Secondly, this pocket spring assembly/glue machine machine nozzles spray glue to form the springs into rows. Then combine into mattress-sized shape. It also the most important part of the mattress.

Pocket Spring Assembler Advantage

  • 1. Adopting touch screen.
  • 2. Easy to operate.
  • 3. Highly automatic.
  • 4. Stable performance.
  • 5. Well-glued effect.

This semi automatic pocket spring assemblly machine adopts imported PLC control. Moreover, it use servo controlling the glue-spraying point. Not only with high automation but also stable work performance. Finally, we are using PB7 glue-spraying system from Nordson Corporation of the USA.

The machine can be used for assembly of drum type or cylindrical pocket spring. And adhesion of strip pocket springs can be realized in parallel or cellular forms. Intermittent glue spraying can save the glue cost by over 40%.

This machine can choose whether adhesion of the upper and lower non-woven cloth is required. Besides that, it can realize remote control the following subject

  • 1. Monitor whether the mechanical program is working properly.
  • 2. Online automatic repair function.
  • 3. Program modification.
  • 4. Update the machine system.

Finaly, this machine equipped with longitudinal and latitudinal cutting functions. Can be achieved that did’t require manual guard in later procedures.

Semi Automatic Pocket Spring Assembly/Glue Machine Features

  • 1. High efficiency pocket spring gluing machine can reach 7 rows/min.
  • 2. The servo conveying mattress, size precision.
  • 3. Mattress adjustment is convenient. You only need to enter mattress width and row number. Our system will auto calculation of transportation distance.
  • 4. Micro-computer control system, ultrasonic welding, low noise, no pollotion.
  • 5. Auto induction cutting functions.
  • 6. Safety sensing more safe.
  • 7. Continuous or intermittent gluing is optional.
  • 8. Easy to operate and maintain.

JK-AS1 Semi Auto Pocket Spring Assembly Machine Parameter

Glue BoxUSA Noordson/ Spain Merlot/ Robatect
Glue SpraySpot spray or continuous spray
GirderServo drive
Demand of Gas Supply0.25m³ /min
Working Pressure0.5-0.6 mpa
Spring Placement MetthodManual placement
Total Power7KW
Input Voltage3AC380V
Frequency50/60 Hz
Weight2600 KG
Adhesive bed nets widthMaximum width of 2200
Width of Non-Woven Fabric2300mm
Thickness of non-woven fabric50-100g/ m²
Spring height 60-300mm
Size Lenghtlength3.8m, Width 1.8m, Height 2m

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