8 Inch Face Recognition Temperature Measurement

The face recognition temperature measurement can be used with access gates and attendance for communi-ties, office buildings, schools, hotels, scenic spots, transporta-tion hubs and other public service places.

Face Recognition ThermometerVertical human body Temperature Measuring Face Recognition access control terminal system,Adopting the high-performance hardware platform of RSM micro rk3288 / rk3399 / Qualcomm msm8953, equipped with industrial grade binocular camera and human face recognition technology, as well as infrared thermal imaging module. It supports mask recognition, ID card reader, fingerprint instrument and other peripheral extensions. It can be applied to gate channel and access control attendance to achieve safe and efficient access control of personnel.

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement

  • Uniquness

    Face are unique, can not be copied, and prevent counterfeiting.

  • Non-contact

    No need to touch the equipment, it can be identified by entering the range, convenient for hygiene

  • Diverse application

    Public cloud deployment, private deployment, LAN use, stand-alone use

  • Various expansion

    Supporting expansion of various peripheral devices such as ID card reader, fingerprint instrument, IC card reader, QR code reader, etc

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement

  • Stability

    Different angles/ different light / face changes can be accurately indentified

  • High accuracy

    adopting high performance
    Infrared thermal imaging module, temperature measuring accuracy ±0.2°C

  • Development

    Support multiple API docking for secondary development

  • Easy to collect

    No special equipment, mobile phone and computer camera can collect faces

Support 1:1 and 1:N Identification

Face recognition temperature measurement detector support 1:1Brush documents to collect real-time portraits, compera the identity of the documents to judge the person’s certificate, the accuracy rate is over 99.7%.

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement

1:N Collect face information to build a face database, and quickly identify the face database with a hit rate of 96.7%.

Non-contact Face Recognition Temperature Measurement detector safer

Built-in infrared non-touch temperature measurement module. When people is performing face recognition, it can measure their forehead and facial skin temperature at the same time.
In a non-contact, accurate, reliable, efficient, and non-perceived way, the terminal will issue an unusual warning to those whose body temperature exceeds normal values, and show their temperature.

Face Recognition Thermometer
Distance 30-80cm Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Detector

The Face Recognition Temperature Measurement detector values can be set in backstage. When personnel temperature are detected higher than the set value, alarm will be triggered, meanwhile the gate would not open. When personnel are identified to wear no masks, alarm will be triggered as well, and gate would not open. Support voice broadcast during measuring.

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement

Face Recognition Temperature MeasurementBinocular camera supportslive detection
Unique face recognition algorithm to accurately recognize face
face recognition time<1 second

2 Mega Pixel Camera
super large aperture, wide dynamic image sensor, clear collection of every detail.

Blindness Algorithm
Word-class face recognition algorithm-Blindness algorithm Dynamic tracking detection based on video stream, with android quad-core system
Millisecond-level accurate recognition the system runs more smoothly

Automatic Fill Light
Industrial class wide dynamic binocular camera, infrared and led dual compensation at night are adopted.

Face Recognition Thermometer


Large-capacity face database

Support 30000 face comparison library 100,000 face recognition records

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement

IP65 rated dust and water resistant

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement with IP65 waterproof and dustproof function. normal operation at -10~60°C, anti-glare, support outdoor open environment

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement

Body Temperature Detector Support binocular live detection

Supports fg through, 3D noise reduction, stronglight suppression, electronic image stabilization, and has multiple white balance modes, suitable for various fields.

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement

Face Recognition Temperature Measurement



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