Advantage of mattress compression pack

When a foam mattress is crushed and squeezed to a fraction of its original size the foam’s cell structure becomes disrupted. The foam grows softer and loses part of its initial resilience. This is why many of these box, foam mattresses seem nice, it’s because the foam has been ‘tenderize’ for want of a better phrase. This is not necessarily a negative thing, but crushing foam is an outdated practice and may prevent foam from generating body imprints. Nowadays, companies use mattress roll packing machine to compress mattresses to ship them.

How are mattresses folded up?

To understand how roll-up (also known as vacuum-packed) mattresses function, we first need to know how something that huge can fit in a box!
Well, these mattresses go onto a voyage where they are:

  • Placed in a protective bag.
  • Flattened in a mattress packaging machine.
  • Vacuum- and heat-sealed.
  • Rolled with a mattress rolling machine and sealed again.

Advantage of mattress compression pack

Benefits of Mattress Compressing

Needless to say, these mattresses that are compact in a box with a mattress wrapping machine have both a variety of benefits to them, as well as a few negatives. Buying a bed in a box simply delivers all the benefits that you receive from online mattress shopping:
• You spare yourself the effort of having to visit a real shop. Speaking of which, testing a mattress for a few minutes in a showroom is not usually the most realistic approach to choose a bed model. That’s because even the most luxurious mattresses need a break-in period during which your body adjusts to the mattress and vice versa. That is exactly why some manufacturers demand you to sleep on their beds for around a month before returning it due to discomfort.

Bed in a box

• For the most part, these types of mattresses are rather affordable. That is not to say that a bed in a box cannot be purchased for more than $1,000; nevertheless, there are more affordable ones available if you know where to seek.
• A bed-in-a-box is more convenient to transport. Due to the compress size of the mattress, the manufacturer or third party delivery firm that supplies it can fit numerous beds into their delivery trucks. If you are requiry to pay a delivery cost as a result of the firm using a courier service to deliver your mattresses, these services often impose a delivery fee depending on the package’s size. The smaller the box, the less expensive the shipping price.

More convenient

• If you do not choose white glove delivery, you will be responsible for putting up your new mattress. This implies that you will have to move the mattress from the entryway to the bedroom, which becomes a two-man job if you have an “upstairs”. However, if you get a bed in a box, it is far simpler for you to transfer the mattress and transport it to the bedroom without any further help. Once the mattress is in the proper location, you can simply unbox it.



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