How to Compress a Mattress

How to Compress a Mattress?

Whether you are relocating your mattress to a new state or neighborhood, you may need to learn how to compress (and pack up) a memory foam mattress at home at some time. If you have ever moved a conventional box spring mattress, you are probably aware of how inconvenient it can be.

Fortunately, recall the day you got your beautiful new memory foam mattress. It most likely arrived in a small package, which means there is a method to return it to that size. You may believe this is impossible, yet the majority of the finest mattresses available today are constructed with extremely flexible and compressible materials. If you are wondering how to compress a mattress, then we will guide you do that just that.

How To Compress A Spring Mattress?

First of all, you need a mattress roll packing machine. One machine can solve all the troubles, all kinds of mattress packaging methods can be solved.
how to compress a spring foam mattress
Let’s check what are the functions with this machine

  • Mattress compression.
  • Mattress film heat seal.
  • Folding compressed mattress.
  • Roll packing.

Fold Mattress or Not Fold

You can opt for a folding mattress if your mattress is longer in length.
If your mattress is short in length, or you can choose not to fold. This machine can be controls all mattress packaging functions.

Mattress in Box

Pack the compressed rolled mattress into a custom cardboard box. In this way, the packaging of the mattress is very beautiful, and it is very popular in the market.

How To Compress A Foam Mattress

Set the Mattress

Remove all bedding from your mattress save the mattress cover to prepare it for compression. This includes pillows, sheets, blankets, and comforters, as well as mattress pads and toppers. Get your compressing mattress machines out.

Squeeze the Mattress

Fill the plastic bag halfway with the mattress. This is easier with the assistance of another person, but may still be accomplished by one. Begin by lifting one end of the mattress a few inches and gently sliding the mattress inside the bag. Use mattress compression machine or mattress roll packing machine to create a vacuum in the bag.

Zip the bag shut and strengthen the closure with duct tape strips. For the following procedures, transfer your mattress to the floor.

Secure the Valve

Remove the valve from the vacuum bag, leaving enough plastic around it to tape it. Then, make a tiny hole in the mattress bag large enough for the valve to fit through. Insert the valve into the bag and pull it through this hole. Tape the hole shut to seal it.

Create a Vacuum in the Air

This step should be performed with your mattress lying on the floor, as this method is more effective at compressing your mattress uniformly and preventing damage to the foam.

Your vacuum hose should be connected to the valve. If desired, secure the two together with a piece of duct tape. Switch on the vacuum cleaner and see the mattress and bag collapse. Walking or moving about on top of the mattress may assist in compressing it more quickly.

Extend the Mattress

After flattening the mattress, begin rolling it up from one end to the other. Keep the vacuum cleaner running, as it will absorb any remaining air pushed out by rolling up the mattress. Roll gently to create a more compact bundle.

Secure It

Once the mattress is folded up, put the straps around it and crank until the mattress is secure. As stated before, you should insert some cushioning between the straps and the beg to prevent them from ripping.

After rolling and fastening the mattress, keep it horizontal to avoid injury. If you have a box, insert the mattress and seal it.

Hopefully, this guide will help you on how to compress a spring mattress.



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