Mattress Industry Trends And Mattress Machinery

According to reliable research shown that, the trend in the mattress industry is gradually increasing. More and more mattress manufacturers in the world. And everyone wants to make a profit from the mattress market. Nowadays, serta,tempur,sealy,therapedie,ect gradually guide the market. Research has also shown that people around the world are becoming more aware of the importance of comfortable sleep and health sleep. And they are beginning to regard mattresses as an energy of start a good day.

Calculated according to the size of the Euromonitor mattress market and the revenue data of each company. In 2017, China’s mattress industry concentration CR4 was only about 14%, far lower than 70% in the US (in 2015, according to Statista, US Census Bureau data). The rise in the manufacturing industry of mattresses is also very fast. More and more people are starting to start businesses in order to meet the needs of the mattress market. They started making mattresses.

Mattress trends

2013-2018 Mattress Industry Trends


Mattress machinery is very important for the production of mattresses. So you need to know which machines can be produce mattresses. Today, I will mainly sharing a few common mattress machines for everyone.

Mattress Tape Edge Machines

If you are a mattress manufacturer, you must know this machine. This machine is mainly used for bedding industry to finish the top and bottom edges of a mattress. The machine is use to stitch the top and bottom panels of a mattress to the mattress edge, and to cover that raw edge with a protective tape or ribbon.
mattress tape edge sewing is manufacture mattress machine most important part. The level of strength of a company can be seen in the mattress tape edge sewing effect. Because of your customer will mainly checking in the mattress tape edge. If the mattress tape edge was damage or sewing rough. It means the whole mattress with the poor quality.

The mattress tape edge machine is also mainly divided with two parts. They are automatic and semi-automatic. Usually most people like to use the semi-automatic mattress tape edge machine. Because the price is cheap, and the sewing effect is also very good.

mattress tape edge machine news

It is a newly developed product in the past two years, can be reduced labor. Also,it can make the mattress out for a corner, and automatically flip. And this machine unique capabilities. Such as automatically raising or lowering the machine head corner speed automatic deceleration in the corner.

Mattress Packaging Line

When you produce mattress reached a certain amount, the mattress packaging of the mattress is a problem you consider. Mattress packing machine also slowly developed as the mattress trend rose.

According to the PGCC market survey. A well-packaged mattress sales volume is 30% higher than common mattress packaged product.It can be seen that how important of the packaging a mattress. It can help you achieve greater sales in the retail and e-commerce industries.

mattress packing machine

What are the functions of mattress packing machine? There are many mattresses packaging ways in the market. Manual packaging and mattress packaging for machines. But the mattresses packaging are mainly by machinery. Because machinery with a lot of functions for packaging mattress. Such as compress, fold and roll pack, compress and flat pack, autobag, heat sealing. And the machines has been constantly upgraded, with more and more functions. A lot of worker can’t be done manually, but machine can be done.

Pocket Spring Machine

We can know that from the headline, we will discuss related to the production of mattress springs. Spring mattresses are very common in modern times, It’s with high performance and a core composed with springs. The spring mattress has the advantages of good elasticity, more better supportability, stronger air permeability and durability.

The spring mattresses with two types, one is a Connecting spring, and the other is a Independent pocket spring. What is the connecting spring mattress, it means spring are connected together. The mattress one place is stressed and all places are subject to force. From the perspective of sleep, Independent pocket springs are better for the health of the human body. The connecting spring mattress has poor elasticity and durability, and is prone to collapse. Long-term sleep will bad to the cervical spine.


Now independent pocket spring mattress have become the main mainstream, and the market is also very popular. People around the world are becoming more aware of the importance of sleep for health and well-being. They also began to think of mattresses as the driving force behind a beautiful day.

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