Mattress Packaging System Make The Package Easier

The mattresses packaging has been popular in the market since 2006. With the trend of online sales becoming more and more popular, the mattress industry has joined the online shopping industry. However, we all know that the mattress volume is very large. Not only is the transportation with high cost, but the high storage fee is also . This is a troubled problem with many sellers. With the emergence of troubles, mattress packaging machinery has become popular in the market.

No matter what you are individual retail or online seller. Mores and more people selling the mattress. Especially for selling mattress on amazon or ebay… etc . Mattress packaging is very important in the market. Not only in from the mattress packaging appearance, volume of mattress also making the seller a big troubled.

Mattress Packaging System

The multi function JK-CR1 mattress packing machine with PLC control system make operation easier. Our mechanical design uses Siemens accessories, we all know that Siemens’ accessories are very stable and durable. If you are a mattress manufacturer and also making a large number mattress. The JK-CR1 mattress packing machine may be what you need. It can saved the mattress transportation and storage space, reduce the cost. And making the mattress packaging more beautiful.

The machine outlet diameter of the mattress can be adjusted between 24cm to 45cm. It means that regardless of the your mattress size of , you can use this machine for wrapping.

automatic mattress packing machine

Mechanical equipment maintenance is also very simple, the instruction manual will explain how to perform maintenance. And this mattress packaging machinery with very good stability. We will also provide one year warranty service, lifetime technology support.

We are connect multiple single mechanical connections into one packaging line with the following functions:

  • Compressed mattress up to an 8:1 ratio of volume reduction
  • Sealing
  • Mattress compression into a flat-pack
  • Roll packing the compressed mattress

This machine with the very fast mattress packaging speed. From compressed, heat sealed, and wrapped. The whole process takes only 30 seconds to complete.

Our company has high requirements for the safety of machinery. There are many cases of mechanical damage to the human body of the world. However, our company’s mechanical products have been tested and improved in safety for many times. And our products have passed the certification of Underwriter Laboratories Inc.

Our company’s mattress packaging machinery is leading level in China. KIMKOO make the manufacturing mattress more easier.



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