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The phrase “mattress in a box” refers to any bed that is delivered straight to clients through ordinary ground delivery. Recent growth in the internet mattress sector has increased customer access to beds in boxes. Prior to delivery, the mattress is compressed, covered in plastic, and vacuum-sealed through mattress plastic film packing machine like KIMKOO®. These mattresses begin expanding immediately upon unboxing and are often ready for use within 24 to 48 hours.

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How To Compress Your Mattress Through mattress machines?

Incorporate your mattress into the plastic mattress bag

If you purchased the correct size mattress bag, your bed should fit well. Once you’ve secured your bed inside, zip up the bag.

If you purchased a sealable mattress bag, you should be able to close it similarly to any other plastic bag. After properly sealing it, strengthen the seal with a couple strands of duct tape.

Should the bag’s seal fail while you’re relocating your bed, the duct tape functions as a backup to prevent disaster.

If the plastic mattress bag you purchased does not have a seal, that is OK; just use a large amount of duct tape to ensure the plastic bag is tightly closed.

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Secure the valve

After sealing your mattress within the plastic bag, you may connect the vacuum bag’s valve. To begin, remove the valve from the vacuum bag you purchased. Then, transfer it to your plastic bag and trace it. Following that, cut a hole in your plastic bag exactly the size of the vacuum bag valve around the outline.

Once the hole in your mattress bag is cut, insert the valve through it until it reaches the surface of your bed. Then tape the opening close, ensuring that the bag is completely airtight. You are not required to use an excessive amount of duct tape for this step—the more secure, the better.

Remove any remaining air with a mattress bagging machine

Connect your vacuum line to the valve and turn it on after it is safely secured to your plastic mattress bag. Then you may relax and watch your mattress collapse in front of your eyes!

Not only is keeping your mattress level on the floor more practical, but it is also the most effective technique to compress your bed. A flat mattress promotes uniform compression and reduces the likelihood of harming the foam. Avoid sucking the air out of your bed while it is standing on its side if possible. Pack it with plastic mattress film packing machine

Can You Compress Other Mattress Types?

Compressing a mattress simplifies transferring it greatly, since it saves considerable room in the moving truck and is much easier to take up and carry. Not all mattresses, however, can be vacuumed flat. Compressing foam mattresses, such as memory foam or latex, is the simplest method. These are often the most popular forms of bed-in-a-box mattresses, since many bedding makers feel foam is the most stable material to flatten.



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