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KIMKOO is a professional mattress machines manufacturer Offering a complete range of machinery and equipment for mattress production. Full name Shenzhen Kimkoo Electronic & Machinery Co., Ltd was Established in 2008, boasts a sprawling factory spanning over 5000 square meters.

KIMKOO Mattress Machinery Advantage

At Kimkoo, our key advantage lies in our technical prowess and professionalism. With a dedicated in-house technical team, we ensure that our mechanical technology remains at the forefront of the industry. Our own production workshop and team further guarantee the creation of top-notch products that meet the highest standards. A meticulous quality control department conducts thorough testing and checks on each product before it leaves our premises, ensuring that our customers receive flawless and defect-free products. Complementing this, our professional after-sales team is committed to providing guidance and solutions to address any post-purchase concerns our customers may have.

Why Choose Kimkoo

The answer lies in our comprehensive system that has garnered trust from an increasing number of customers. Our machinery has found its way to various corners of the globe, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Poland, Australia, Russia, Spain, and more, where we have established a satisfied client base. Our mission is clear – to provide customers with superior machinery and unparalleled service at the most reasonable prices. Opting for Kimkoo means choosing a partner dedicated to delivering the best service possible. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to cooperate with you and contribute to the success of your endeavors...Learn More

News + More

  • How to Pack Mattress in a Box

    How to Pack Mattress in a Box

    In a groundbreaking development, KIMKOO, a leading manufacturer in the bedding industry, has unveiled an innovative solution for packing mattresses in a box. This pioneering process revolutionizes the way mattresses are shipped, offering significant ...   Read more

  • Kimkoo Introduces The Mattress Packaging Innovative Solutions

    Kimkoo Introduces The Mattress Packaging Innovative Solutions

    Kimkoo introduces innovative solutions for mattress packaging, revolutionizing the industry with cutting-edge technology. In a groundbreaking development for the bedding industry, Kimkoo Mattress Machinery has unveiled cutting-edge technology that tr ...   Read more

  • Advantage of mattress compression pack

    Advantage of mattress compression pack

    When a foam mattress is crushed and squeezed to a fraction of its original size the foam’s cell structure becomes disrupted. The foam grows softer and loses part of its initial resilience. This is why many of these box, foam mattresses seem nice, it’ ...   Read more

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